heather cowie

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all images copyright Heather Cowie 2012

The act of concealment is countered by my desire to share the secret, thus each new layer is digitally recorded so that a sequence of images is retained that tells a ‘time-story’ of the entire piece.

But the tactile ‘loss’ of the forms used is real, as is the loss of so many species through destruction of habitat.

The forms have been concealed by the acts of addition through the passage of time, very similar to the way the upper and visible surfaces of the landscape belies the presence of so many layers (and ages) beneath, or one’s own ‘face’ to the world conceals the psychological accumulation of past experience.

So, although this series of sculptures deals with the tactile loss of forms in Nature, they also celebrate diversity and in some way the concentrated energy and pre-existing formal complexity which is to found (felt) in all embryonic forms.

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