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I have been ‘making things’ all my life, but only as an artist has this sense of handling materials become a refined language for communicating my ideas in a tangible form.

Using found objects, particularly those of a natural origin, is an essential part of my process when constructing assemblage work. Taken out of their normal context, these objects become renewed with symbolic meaning in the new ‘landscape’ of the artwork.

The current series reflects my interest in the historical notion of the naturalist’s collection, in particular those of insects. At present I am working with beetles, the Phasmida family (which are the leaf and stick insects) and caddis fly larvae, but the ‘world is my oyster’ for inspiration, as the variety of insect species is astounding.

I want these pieces to reflect my fascination with the natural world in all of it’s incredible invention of form, function, and colour.

They are made of a multitude of materials and stitched onto torn and treated hand-made papers.

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