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An increasing concern for the future of our planet has led me to make my sculptures. Though appearing in final form like large wooden seed pods or boulders, they conceal that they have complex inner histories of growth and change, that they are containers of other objects.

Starting with a core object, this germinal form is added to in a sequence of layers. Each new layer becomes the foundation for the next - it is both armour and armature. The structural natures of the forms used in any layer impacts upon each subsequent layer and hence, the final form the sculpture takes. Layer by layer to form is fattened to the point where it is closed; sealed and polished. Their often egg-like shape seems to me to be a kind of embodiment of the feminine, that is, fertile and fecund.

Morphogenesis 5 Morphogenesis 8 Morphogenesis 7 Morphogenesis 9

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