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My art is always a statement about, and manifestation of, my relationship to the natural world. My experience of Nature, having lived and worked in ‘outback’ Australia for many years, and having travelled extensively to wild places on our Earth, has been one of visual fascination, tactile delight and aural sensitivity.

I love how nature performs, whether in its multitudinous formal variations, or in its fantastic repertoires of sound, colour or shaped action. The variation in the raw materials I use (some taken directly from nature) are part-and-parcel of an ongoing exploration of the diversity of life on Earth.

But in addition to these key formative impulses, and in addition to my always-heightened emotional and sensuous reactions, I also think a great deal about what makes nature the ultimate ‘source’ with which to make things happen. Rhythm pulsates and throbs in much of what I make, some simple and some complex. Colour, with all of its magnificent interrelationships, permeates my work on levels from the subtle to the overt. Music too inspires me, loving as I do the possibilities of translation and relocation from one form of self-expression to another.

My work is made to invoke; to open; to refresh and to point towards new ways of seeing.

Sand, Sea and Sanderlings, acrylic on canvas

100 x 80 cm